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The development course

The development course

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Innovation integration capital


Wuhan Chuxing Optical Fiber Application Technology Co., LTD was founded by Mr. Guan Pei and Ms. Liu Cuiying, former engineers of Wuhan Telecom Device Company (WTD), and funded by Dr. Xie Zhaojin, Chinese American, And Dr. Li Xun, Chinese Canadian, etc.


1. Mass production of metallized lens fiber.

2. Chuxing provides customers with SMA905 energy fiber jumper for high-power Nd: YAG solid laser.

3. Chuxing cooperates with universities to develop Y waveguide, which is used for fiber optic gyroscope interference light splicing.

4. In cooperation with colleges and universities, Chuxing trial-produced optical fiber hydrophones for large ships by using the component welding and packaging system independently developed by the company.


1, the introduction of QIS2000 quality management system, comprehensive implementation of data management.

2. According to the demand of international customers, Chuxing develops air-tight optical fiber array.


1. Cooperate with well-known American companies to create first-class medical optical fiber production base.

2. Independently designed and developed automatic polishing equipment and put it into production, which greatly improved production efficiency and stabilized product quality.

3. Expand the plant area and establish high energy transmission jumper production line.

4. The company participated in the Munich Photoelectric Exhibition in Germany.


1. The company has fully entered the e-commerce platform. Open wechat, weibo, customers choose products, contact us more convenient and fast.

2. Participate in 2016 Western Optoelectronic Exhibition of The United States and 2016 OFC Optical Fiber Communication Exhibition.


1. Passed the customer production line audit of subsea products.

2. Chu Xing attended the 2017 OFC Optical Fiber Communication Exhibition.

2018  Participated in OFC exhibition in the United States, ECOC Exhibition in Europe, Laser Exhibition in Munich, Germany and Opto-electronics Exhibition in Russia.


1. Developed two new products: 12-core sealing section and 2-3 core sealing section.

2. Participate in THE Optical Fiber Communication Exhibition of America (OFC).

2020  The subsea project began mass production.

2021  The company moved to The Headquarters of Zanglongdao, Jiangxia, set up huashan R&D center, and moved the gold-plated production line to the professional industrial park.

Wuhan Chuxing Fiber pays great attention to the characteristic needs of customers. Through the global network, we timely understand the needs of customers and make quick and effective response to provide customers with high-quality products and customized characteristic services, and continue to help customers improve performance and efficiency, and reduce operating costs.
Our quality policy: full participation, continuous improvement and innovation; Excellence, exceed customer expectations. With innovative and green research and development, precision manufacturing, timely delivery, intimate service, advanced process and complete training, we win customer satisfaction and exceed customer expectations.

Address: No.6, Jiufeng West Road, Canglong Island Science park, Jiangxia District, Wuhan city

Contact phone number:027-87538501


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